Sunday, May 27, 2012

Before leaving for work this morning I told Miguel that he had to think up an adventure for us to go on when I got home. I love all of our adventures but it seems like I'm always the one in charge of coming up with the adventures and plans, with everyone in my life. It's nice because it means we end up doing what I want a lot of the time, but it would be nice to just go along for the ride sometimes and benefit from someone else's planning. When I got home Miguel hadn't come up with anything so I suggested we just head out to Duncan's Mills for our traditional half off pastries and then take it from there. The cafe has new summer hours now, which means the pastries were still full price when we arrived. It turns out most of the fun of our Friday pastry run is the fact that they are half off.

We ate our pastries in the car and I suggested that Miguel go check out the tea shop while I waited with Az as she napped but Miguel said the fun of the tea shop for him was the shared experienced. So we sat in the car a while until I suggested we check out Jenner. The majority of the time that we head to ocean we turn left towards Bodega Bay so I thought turning right towards Jenner might hold some adventures. I was reading a magazine while Miguel drove and while I wasn't looking Miguel drove through the entire town of Jenner without realizing it. I don't think he was very impressed. I volunteered at the Jenner Visitor's Center many weekends in high school so it's always fun to me to return.

We went down to the small beach by the Visitor's Center where Az threw rocks and Z built things out of drift wood but we didn't end up staying very long. In the end we returned back to the house and I took the kids into Forestville to get dinner at Carr's Drive-in. It turned out to be a very pleasant evening. Zae and I talked and had a nice calm meal; It was the very first time Az eagerly sat in a high chair at a restaurant and contentedly stayed there the entire time.

I'm still hoping that one day someone else takes on the role of wagon master every once in a while. Neither of my boys seem to want to don the hat but maybe Az will be that person. She's certainly opinionated enough.

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