Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Inspired by Az's enthusiasm for the ducklings and poults (which is apparently the name of a baby turkey) and since we had some time to fill in town I took the kids by a cousin's house to visit their menagerie of animals. Between my cousin and her daughter they have two dogs, one turtle, one bunny, one bird, two rats, a hamster, and a handful of chickens and fish. I thought Az would enjoy petting a real live bunny since her interest in them had been piqued by Easter. As it turns out, real bunnies don't move around nearly enough to interest her and she was more captivated by a rabbit figurine in their house and excitedly exclaimed, "A bunny!" when a cartoon one came onto the television during our visit. The chickens wandering outside did interest her, but unfortunately the chickens had very little interest in being captured by her.

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