Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is the companion photo to the one I took of Az and me yesterday I suppose. After I got off of work we went out to Duncan's Mills to get some loose leaf teas for Miguel's and my moms for Mother's Day and to pick up some half-priced pastries for the next day. Since we were so close to the coast we decided to grab a bite to eat out there (Miguel got fish and chips and Z and I each got bread bowls of clam chowder.) Once we were done I decided that since we were now so close to the beach we've been frequenting we might as well head over there for a bit. It was such a lovely, warm evening that we ended up staying out there until sunset. It would have been an all around splendid evening if it weren't for Z burying his shoes and some of the beach toys, and subsequently losing it all. I'm really hoping he catches on to the Don't Bury It Unless You Want To Never See It Again rule very soon. I'm tired of losing things to my son the dog.

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