Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It's been my goal to get the invitations for Miguel's 30th birthday out for some time now. They were supposed to be extremely simple and purely functional so I'd have one less thing to stress about but the thing about extremely simple and functional invitations is that they are also pretty darn boring. I ended up drafting up some Gilligan's Island themed invites, because part of Miguel's birthday festivities involve a two hour sunset cruise (a twooo hour cruuuuise.) This required me to both get a little more familiar with Photoshop and fix my printer so that it would stop insisting it was either jammed or being fed the wrong sized paper. Needless to say it quickly turned into a stressful adventure. I tried to start worrying about the fact that the ink bled through the paper on my double-sided invites but really I couldn't muster up any more freaked out energy. I eventually did get enough invitations printed, and was willing to overlook how amateur the whole thing looked because the thing about throwing a Gilligan's Island themed 30th birthday party is that if you do it just badly enough you can get away with calling it kitsch. However, this in no way meant I was willing to just slap them into plain white envelopes and mail them off. I would have to decorate the envelopes of course. Surprisingly enough I settled on drawing a simple wave along the bottom of each envelope and faking calligraphy for the addresses.

Az and Miguel waited patiently for me to finish so I could go put the baby to bed but obviously I took too long, because when I finally came up from my designing cloud I found the two of them passed out. I left them there to run out and mail the invites once I was done with them because I was eager to just be done with it. Miguel did eventually carry Az to bed, and around 4AM I passed out into bed with them. Just in time for my alarm to go off at 5.

(We're trying to teach Z the importance of clearing his own dishes from the table immediately after meals. We obviously have a few more miles to go.)

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