Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today was Mother's Day. In hindsight I probably should have made a point of getting a photo of me with my kids. Maybe for Father's Day I will. Miguel had to work so it was just the kids and I. It was actually sort of nice going into the day knowing that it would just be an ordinary day. Though a card from either of my boys might have been nice. When I asked Z if he made anything Mother's Day related at school he said, "Oh yeah, but then I forgot it there." And that was that and that's my boy.

The kids and I had a very lazy day at home. After breakfast Az brought me a sweater to help put on her, which I did without really thinking about it. Once it was on she went over to the door and declared, "Bye bye." She was very insistent for some time that it was time to go, and it made me realize it really has been a very long time since we just stayed home and did nothing. At first I postulated that it had been weeks, but upon some thinking it very well could have been months. It was a nice day to spent at home.

We've somehow burnt through all of our propane way faster than I expected, and are living on an empty tank until the guy can come on Wednesday to give us another hundred gallons. In the mean time we are living without gas and conveniences like hot water. Miguel heated up some water on the barbeque for Az's bath yesterday morning, and boiled water out there tonight for the kids' dinner of spaghetti but without even a bathtub I'm not sure how I'm going to get freshened up for work tomorrow. I've managed to spread a patch of poison oak all over the right side of my face, ear, and neck so that isn't helping me much with my general funky feeling.

Miguel suggested that I take the kids out to the ocean and use my parks pass to get into a campground where I could use the quarter showers. It's actually a pretty good idea, though perhaps frowned upon by the county parks. If it were just Az and me I might have tried it but I wasn't sure how to make sure Z was being kept safe while Az and I were in the shower. Az would have been game though, I'm sure. When it was already well past sunset Az brought me her sandals to put on her, but this time I paid attention to her motives. "Water?" she asked. And then, "Water, water, water!" She has come to expect her daily coastal trip.

I had told Miguel that he could just help direct the shower head so I could wash my hair, all five feet of it. The kids are both relatively clean and I haven't done much to get my body very funky, but my hair and poison oak besieged head need to be cleansed. It is now close to midnight, less than five hours until I have to be up again, and as witnessed in the above photo, Miguel is passed out quite cozily with Az. It is still Mother's Day though technically. If I go and wake him right now I might have a free pass.

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