Sunday, May 13, 2012


I decided to have Z play hookie from school for most of the day so I could bring both of the kids to Bodega Bay for a ranger-led tour of the tide pools. Thanks to my new parks pass it was a free event. We missed the first twenty minutes of it, which actually probably would have been the most interesting part for the kids because it was when the ranger showed various sea creatures he'd put in an ice chest. He let the kids touch most of them and told a little bit about each creature. After that, we went down to the shoreline where I guess there were technically tide pools, but they were created by people digging for clams in the sand. The holes they dig fill up with water when the tide comes in, but there didn't seem to be anything big enough to see with the naked eye in there. The kids had a very nice time anyhow. I got Z to school with just over an hour left of the school day. I worried that he would be there just long enough to run in wildly and disrupt the class but his teacher reported that he came in with a great mood and got right to work. I'll take that as a go-ahead to play educational hookie in the future.
I brought my camera along to the beach but then decided to leave it in the car. I know I lost out on a lot of really cute shots but I decided being able to explore with the kids and not have to worry about keeping my camera safe was more valuable than a few good pictures. I've been making that decision more often lately, which I know does not make for an intriguing assortment of photos, but it has made for a more enjoyable life. Luckily I have a son with a waterproof camera I can steal.

That same evening Miguel offered to pick up some Chinese for us as an early Mother's Day dinner, since he was going to be working on actual Mother's Day. We took our meal to Spring Lake, another outing that was free thanks to my excellent new parks pass.

When I told Az, "Let me see your pretty face," this is the pose she struck. She repeated it every time I said it. I have no idea why.

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