Saturday, May 26, 2012

Az with the Playskool house and barn that were mine when I was a kid (and which I'm sure were hand-me-downs from my cousins even back then.) I have a lot of Playskool buildings, figures, and accoutrements. In fact last year I ordered more vintage pieces off of etsy. However, I've had to place most of it way up high out of Az's reach because she's so rough with her things. The plastic Playskool things have survived through however many cousins of mine, me, my brother, and Z but Az managed to break many of the things the very first time she played with them. I didn't even realize it was possible to break many of the Playskool accessories but my daughter found a way. The first time I showed her the Sesame Street building (not pictured because it's recovering from the terror that is my almost-two-year-old safely out of reach) Az threw it down onto the floor with all her might. She did this repeatedly. All of the Playskool things were moved out of her reach, though she has a way of charming her dad and brother into bringing them down for her despite my repeatedly asking both of them to not give them to her. Az has a new interest in dollhouses and can be quite insistent in her asking for the Playskool house so occasionally even I move it into her reach. It just so happens we're planning on getting her a nice sturdy wooden house meant for lots of rough and tumble preschool kids for her birthday. I'm hoping that once her birthday passes I can move the Playskool house out of reach and leave it there until she's passed through the charming slamming toys down as hard as possible phase. This is just a phase, right??

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