Sunday, May 13, 2012


The Disney Store is one of Az's very favorite spaces to spend time in. I've never had much of a reason to set foot in a Disney Store; honestly I've never been a huge Disney fan. Az, however, loves all things Mickey Mouse and princesses. She's never seen any of the Disney princess movies but there's still something about them that she loves. Fortunately for her, the Disney Store happens to be right next door to where her dad works, so she finds lots of excuses to veer off course and find herself there. My mom joked that I'm going to end up finding myself one of those people who has a Disney room in their house. I'm hoping this never comes to fruition, as we definitely don't have a spare room in the house. A Disney kitchen or bathroom would just be too much so I just know that if my daughter ever convinces me to let her passion for Disney take over my house, it's going to end up in my bedroom. I should have seen it coming when my pregnancy hormones influenced me to paint my bedroom walls lavender.

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