Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Az passed out on the couch in the late afternoon, her bright pink tutu hiked up to her armpits. I'm so used to Az passing out on me, and thereby pinning me to the couch or wherever it is we happen to be, I wasn't sure what to do with myself. So I took a photo. With Miguel watching Az more often these days she obviously has had to learn to fall asleep without me on occasion. It's still a very, VERY rare occasion that she will pass out without nursing if I'm nearby, but at least it is happening occasionally. Miguel has also stepped up with helping put Az to bed, and she is beginning to accept this much better than even a month ago.

She sleeps in bed with us 100% of the time now, when I started working outside of the house I seem to have given up my work on sleep training Az. It's a little frustrating right now because Az still needs either Miguel or I to lay down with her at night, and whomever does the duty for the night almost always ends up passing out with her. So we end up taking turns giving up our nights. And since both of us want to prolong our nights Az's bedtime ends up getting pushed back, which means the time she wakes up the next morning gets pushed back. And before I know it she has a crazy non-schedule. The school year ends in less than four weeks so I'm hoping to get back to teaching her to fall asleep on her own. I just hope too much damage hasn't already been done now that she's used to having us to cuddle with.

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