Sunday, May 27, 2012


Az at 23 monhs:
  • Broccoli is still one of her very favorite foods (if not THE favorite) though she has taken to calling them "monkey trees." I have no idea where that came from, though when my brother was little he called them "dinosaur trees." I guess she prefers monkeys to dinosaurs. She now walks around the house insisting on monkey trees.
  • Her sense of humor is developing. She does things to be funny and is starting to understand what other people consider to be humorous. Today I declared, "I'm hungry!" to which she cheekily replied, "Hi Hungry!" Her sense of humor is either advancing or else that old joke is just that bad.
  • She still loves wearing dresses and tutus (all skirts are called "tutus" in her world.) When we're home we go through lots of outfit changes, the flouncier the skirt or dress the better.
  • She still loves dolls, and usually has one in her hand. Action figures will suffice occasionally but normally it is one of her plastic princesses that she wants. Most nights she insists on having a plastic princess to sleep with in her hand. Miguel is not the best at keeping track of the small dolls though so she is having to learn to fall asleep without them on occasion.
  • She is getting better about falling asleep with Miguel at night. On the nights that he puts her down she sometimes will go willingly without crying at all, though of course she still prefers to nurse to sleep.
  • I had hoped to start to wean her but Az is having nothing of the sort. On the days I work she goes for eight hour stretches or more without nursing so she obviously can do it but when I'm around she wants to nurse CONTINUOUSLY. When I talked to her pediatrician about weaning both she and her nurse told me I shouldn't be in any rush and that I should let Az lead the way. It's nice going to a practice that shares my philosophies. Though parts of me are itching to wean. The constant stimulation is a bit much. 
  • Az has shown an increased interest in cars lately. She has a few already but I would like to get her some tractors and bull-dozers to bring to the beach. I know she's a girlie girl at heart but I would like to encourage her expanding interests. 
  • We're still working on getting her to not scream as a default. The more words she learns, the less of a need she has for screaming.
  • Az can tell me when she's hungry for food now (something she has never bothered to do in the past because her default has been to nurse when hungry.) Unfortunately, it seems like she is constantly hungry these days. The day she learned to express this need she was running up to places like the smoothie stand at the mall, declaring her hunger and then waiting expectantly. She needs to learn about the concept of money next.
I can't believe that the next one of these I do will be for her two year birthday!

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