Thursday, May 3, 2012


We celebrated Az's oldest cousin Manny's 18th birthday today at a park near his house. I'm of course always nervous of any events that take place at a park and require me to keep both of my kids unmaimed given one of their penchants for getting maimed at parks, but thanks to a jump house that held his attention and kept him away from the playground everything went well. When we first arrived a boy much younger than Z ended up hauling off and punching him while they were in front of the jump house. I allowed myself a huge internal groan and went to check it out. I imagined an afternoon of trying to keep Z away from the jump house and the the boy but fortunately it turned out the boy wasn't with the party and after punching Z he ran off and didn't bother to return.
Az of course had a blast. Her main playmate was her grandmother, whom indulged Az in walking along the stone wall and hopping from wood posts for most of the day. I think it's safe to assume her grandma had no trouble falling asleep that night. I tried giving Grandma B a break but Az wasn't about to accept my company in exchange for her grandma's attention.
 Az did manage to find fun in a few other forms. She was wary of the jump house, and most of the day it was full of rambunctious teenagers and her even more rambunctious brother, but the stars did align for a moment and Az got her first inflatable-aided jump. Unfortunately this only lasted about a minute before Miguel came to carry her off to the piñata.

 Being the youngest mobile member of the family, Az got first swing at the piñata. I didn't let her gather any of the candy but she was the one to get the remains of the piñata so she was a winner in her own eyes.
 A very nice time was had by all.
Whenever we're in the area we try to work in a visit with Miguel's paternal grandmother. I feel so blessed that Az gets to have her great-grandma in her life. She reminds me a lot of my own grandmother whom passed away about seven years ago. I'm sad that Z doesn't remember her better and that Az will never get the opportunity to build memories with her at all, but I cherish the time she gets with the great-grandmama whom is still alive and thriving.

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