Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I had enjoyed going to Duncan's Mills so much the day before that I decided to explore our own town today. I've lived here for twenty-one years now and I think I often over-look what my own town has to offer. It's a very small touristy area, but there's a reason why people choose to vacation here, right? The plan was to park on one end of town, window shop and peruse one side of the main street, check out the old bridge that for most of my life was the only way to drive across the river but which has since been turned in to a foot bridge (walking across it I couldn't imagine how two-way traffic managed to pass each other for so many years without every meeting turning into a disaster) and then I imagined we would come back across the bridge and check out the shops on the other side of the street. We made it through the first side of the street, which I had known going in had a lot less to offer us, and across the bridge but by the time I decided to check out the small grass park on the other side of the bridge Az was ready to lay down and melt. Both of the kids were asking, quite insistently, to visit the river the park led to but we didn't have any life jackets or beachwear on hand.

 I carried Az out of the park and realized that I was going to have to skip the antique store I eye every time we pass through town. There's a vintage rocking horse there that catches my eye every time. I have no need or room for a vintage rocking horse so it's just as well I suppose. Instead of the antique store I opted to bring the kids to the frozen yogurt shop. My dad used to send me to the shop to pick up a pint for him but I had never actually gotten a small amount to eat right there in the store. I hadn't even been aware that there was a small indoor/outdoor area full of vintage diner booths and memorabilia about the railroad that used to run through town. I know I default to this adjective too often, but it was really very lovely.

As was coming home to our forever cool home under the redwoods and laying with the baby while she napped.

And since there are no rules to this thing, I thought I'd just cheat and stamp these with a date to make them official as well.

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