Sunday, May 13, 2012


Tonight Miguel, my brother S, and I brought Z to his very first concert, the Black Keys. Az stayed with my mom. We went over to my mom's in the morning and left the kids with her while Miguel and I went to the movies. There was an inappropriate for kids movie we wanted to see and I thought it would be a good transition for Az into staying by herself with Grandmama. She would have her brother with her while she settled in and got comfortable with her environment and I hoped that by the time the three of us left for the concert she would be engrossed in the toys and cool things at Grandmama's.

Unfortunately she missed a nap and I underestimated how much Z's presence makes her feel safe in a new environment. Miguel and I have left Az twice now but both times she had Z with her. Tonight was her first time being away from all of us, and it seems like it was pretty hard for her. My mom reports that she screamed for thirty minutes straight at one point. In hindsight we should have done a trial run and gone away for a short amount of time so she could see that we would in fact all come back for her. By the time we got home she was passed out. I climbed in next to her and she woke and reached for me, contentedly sighing, "Mommy," before passing back out. She continued to wake and check for me all night. The next morning when it came time to go she loudly ran and said goodbye to her grandma, to ensure that this time she would be coming with us. I wish the night had gone better, but the good thing is that we shouldn't have to leave her on her own again for a long time. Hopefully next time she will be old enough to appreciate the one on one time alone with her grandma.

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