Saturday, May 26, 2012


Tonight we headed over to our new favorite beach to use the coin-operated showers. I'm still carrying around a nasty case of poison oak and we are still waiting for the propane guy to deliver his goods so it was time to get creative. It actually worked out very well, there were two showers that were their own separate rooms; Z had one room to himself and Az and I used the wheelchair room right next door, which was nice and large so Az could wait for me to finish with my shower without getting wet. There wasn't a solid wall between the room Z was in and our room (the wall didn't reach the floor) so I could hear what was going on with him. By the time I took this photo with my phone Az was ready to go but for most of the time she was content playing in and out of the water. It cost me about six dollars to get the three of us clean since I had the parks pass to get us into the park, which was totally worth getting rid of that not-so-fresh feeling. It was actually a nice evening, we brought dinner and pretended like we were camping at the ocean but then got to go home to our nice warm beds. I'm hoping that we don't find ourselves in this situation again, but if we do at least I know that we have the campgrounds as an option.

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