Sunday, October 7, 2012

After work I was intent on bringing the kids to a pumpkin patch. I love pumpkin patches and try to fit in as many into the month as I can. I asked Miguel to find the kids and I a patch to go to after I dropped him at work and he found me Oluf's in Windsor. The pumpkin patch didn't turn out to be much, just literally a patch of pumpkins at the side of the freeway, but they had a jumpy house. The only person at the patch was a middle aged woman sitting in a folding chair smoking a cigarette. She told us the jumpy house was $2 for five minutes of jumping and since I only had $10 to get me to the next paycheck I passed, but of course Az would not be deterred. Z agreed to spend his own $2 and I released the kids to get their jump on. They both ended up staying in there for fifty minutes so we got our money's worth. I only managed to drag them out because it was getting dark and cold, and under the condition that I could assure Az we would find another jumpy soon. All in all it was worth spending one-fifth of my the money I have to my name in order to see my kids having that much fun (and burning off some energy to boot!)

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