Sunday, October 7, 2012

Z had an appointment with Head and Neck Surgery today to see if he might need ear tubes and to look into his new high frequency hearing loss, but before we could discuss any of that the doctor had to clean out Z's ears. Apparently they weren't cleaning easily as he had an ear infection we hadn't even been aware of. The doctor pulled out some downright archaic instruments and tubes that could have easily been out of a steampunk novel. Z was not enjoying the probing and prodding into his ears, which he was very verbal about. In Az's eyes we were all sitting around chuckling while the doctor tortured Z. She became considerably agitated, which likely fed into Z's agitation. Finally and eventually, after the doctor took a break away from the room for a while, Z's ears were cleared and we were released for the day with the instructions to book three more appointments in the near future. Az's protectiveness for her brother is very sweet. Each morning I have to put drops into Z's ears. Az remembers Z struggling when the doctor was looking into his ears and is convinced that I am doing more of the same. I've had Z explain to her that I'm not hurting him but she is unconvinced. We have to sneak the drops without her seeing.
Miguel found ways to amuse himself during the appointment. He actually found the entire spectacle amusing, having been blessed with problem free ears himself.

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