Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At Grandma's the next morning. Notice Az looks well rested, having not wasted any energy on crying. I don't have to worry about Z missing me at all when I leave him for the night. I'm not sure he even realizes I've left. My computer has been extremely persnickety for at least a year now. I'm not even sure how it's still managing to hold on. Even now I have to have one hand holding the charging cable in just so and the other hand holds the cable from the modem. It doesn't leave many hands left for typing. No one is allowed to use my laptop but me, so when Z gets the opportunity to go over to his grandmother's and log in hours on he runs full steam ahead and doesn't look back until it's time to pry him from the computer for bed. I'm sure Z wishes I had a more active social life these days; he's got some Club Penguin to catch up on.

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