Sunday, October 7, 2012

This is by far my least favorite picture of the entire 366 series. It's been a full week; I've been working every day and doing all of the starting and stopping that running two kids to activities and errands warrants, with a vehicle that is not guaranteed to start. I guess I've let my photos fall by the wayside this week. On this day when I met Miguel and the kids at Z's school everyone was hungry so we walked across the way to the noodle house (they're all noodle houses to Az, as all ice cream parlors are "ice cream houses.") Miguel thought it would be funny to pretend the chopsticks were drum sticks, but Az wasn't feeling it.

Here's the most Instagram photo I've taken yet. I made an effort to dress a little more professional today (I've slacked in my work attire since I put on weight during my pregnancy with Az.) Of course I ended up teaching in the auto shop that day. And no, I wasn't actually teaching auto. I wish I had gotten to teach auto, I would have assigned the students to figure out what's going on with my van.

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