Thursday, November 8, 2012

Five years ago today Miguel and I met up in person for the first time, and even though it wasn't exactly our initial plan, we've been inseparable since.  Miguel worked until 2AM the night before and thanks to our not very great public transit system he didn't  get home until 11AM. He was due back at work that night for another late night so we made the most of the time we had in between his shifts. 

We went into Sebastopol to watch the movie Frankenwienie, which Az had been dying to see. I was a little worried the movie might be a little too scary or dark for her but she liked it just fine. Although there was one scene I made a point to distract her during. Her first words out of the theater were, "Frankenwienie is fun!" so I think everything went well. We stopped to take a group photo after the movie, though we were not very successful in getting one. The day that Miguel and I met we took a self-shot. I have no idea why, or why it seemed normal at the time but we did and now every year I make everyone smoosh together for a shot.
 Az cooperated to take the first photo, which I was not ready for and was caught mid-expression, and then refused to be in any of the subsequent shots.

Az remembered that the last time we were in the area we had gotten ice cream so she requested that we go to ice cream after the movie, and so we did.
After refusing to be in our group shot Az decided to go ahead and photo bomb this one. I didn't have two ice cream cones, for the record; I was holding Z's so he could take the photo.

After getting ice cream I wanted to find a pumpkin patch to go to. I love pumpkin patches, and try to work as many of them into the month as possible. What's not to love about a month of very cheap to free entertainment? I wasn't comfortable driving very far with the condition that my van is in these days but we actually lucked into an awesome patch I'd never heard of before. It was in a part of Santa Rosa that isn't known for being scenic, but the surrounding area was actually quite nice.

I had never seen a corn kernel pool before, and let me just say that my first impression of them is that they are fantastic! I ended up climbing in too, and it was pure preschool fun.
There were lots of other fun pumpkin patchy things to do there, but honestly it was the corn pool that captured most of our attention.
When it began to get dark and a little chilly we headed to Chili's for dinner. Both of the kids were worn out from the full day and sat quietly eating. So of course we had to call it a night early and pack up quickly to get Miguel back to work by 8 for another over-night. It was a very nice day. I know some people might not choose to celebrate their anniversaries with their kids in tow but for us it seems to be the only way to go. This day is as much about Az and the family that has resulted as it is about Miguel and me after all.

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