Sunday, October 7, 2012

Az loves Minchi so much. When we're away from home too long she just wants to go home to see Minchi. Minchi is the only being (or thing) she has ever talked about missing. Minchi loves Az too. Whenever possible she can be found snuggling with her. However, their relationship is beginning to be fraught with complications. Az wants to stroke Minchi's tail, explore her ears, and plays in the rough way that two year olds play. Minchi is very tolerant of all of this but takes it all for play. She is very gentle with the rest of the family but wants to play with Az as if she is another kitten. This has resulted in Az getting scratched a couple of times. It hasn't been anything serious, but Az is confused about why her beloved Minchi would do such a thing. This in turn results in Az exclaiming that Minchi is mean, just before going and trying to give Minchi another bear hug. I really feel like Minchi has been the perfect cat for us, but I also really feel like I'm eager for Az to understand that she may need to turn down her enthusiasm. I'm hoping that as they both grow out of their kittenhood they'll learn to be more gentle with each other.

And not on the subject of kitten love at all but something that I wanted to document so that I remember to tease Az about it when she's older, today Az was excited about using the potty all day because she wanted to get to put a star sticker on her potty chart on the fridge. She would repeatedly sit on her potty and request a sticker. When I told her that she had to actually pee to get the sticker she would strain and say, "It's stuck." On one occasion she passed gas. It surprised her and, being her father's daughter, she found it to be hilarious.

When Miguel came home I told her to ask Daddy to help her use the potty. Apparently he decided to go himself while they were in there. When I asked him if Az had gone he told me she hadn't. Later, though, while I was in the bathroom I noticed a sizeable puddle right by Az's potty. I'm pretty sure she did manage to finally pee, only she did it standing up like Daddy.

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