Thursday, October 4, 2012

We went to see the same cranial-facial panel that we've gone to ever since Z was born. He was born with a cleft palette that was repaired when he was a year-and-a-half. The repair was done very well and the cleft doesn't come into our everyday life too often, but it does continue to affect Z's speech very mildly and his hearing a little less mildly. I knew they wouldn't be able to help us with much today- most of Z's challenges seem more autism related than cleft related, but it's a surprisingly thorough panel. We've been talking to one of the doctors solely about the autism piece to Z for years now and in fact last time I went I was pregnant with Az and was able to talk to a number of specialists about the pregnancy. So it certainly doesn't hurt us to go.

Unfortunately, today also happened to be a field trip day for Z's school. Z hasn't been on a real field trip since kindergarten (which was a crazy realization) so I was tempted to reschedule the panel today. I even called the nurse in charge of Z's case and she encouraged me to cancel, but I was afraid to. The organization that helped us out financially with Z's repair and which, I found out on today's visit, pays for Z's visits to the panel, is eager to get Z off their caseload. A woman from the organization called a few months back to tell me they were removing Z until I let it slip that we would be going to the panel in September. Just in case we ever need their help again I want to keep Z's case active. Which meant missing the field trip.

After the appointment we stopped at IKEA, where I actually managed to not buy a single thing. That is definitely a first for me. Before going in we spent some time in the big brown metal chair. It was a new experience to Az; she was a bit younger the last time we came, and she thought it was the most fantastic giant metal chair she had ever had the pleasure of sitting in and stomping around in.
And, a photo I stole from Miguel's Instagram. Ain't it cool?

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