Sunday, October 7, 2012

 It has been very Un-October-like weather lately. Even in our small town under the redwoods where it is never truly hot it reached near one hundred degrees. We spent most of the day playing with buckets of water, with a break to drive down to the auto parts shop to see if they could help me diagnose why my car wasn't starting. My aunt and uncle had talked to someone there who said there was a simple test he could run to rule out certain things. The man there was very nice, and said it definitely wasn't the battery (which I had really hoped it would be since that would have been the simplest and cheapest solution) but couldn't tell me much more. So the mystery continues. Oh well, at least the stop at the shop afforded an opportunity to get Az an ice cream at the gas station next door. She asks to go get gas these days, because she knows they sell ice cream there. The girl has a good memory on her.

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