Sunday, October 7, 2012

I quickly dragged this bin into Az's room to use as a table during one of our playing kitchen sessions, but just as quickly she has turned the bin into her stage, for dancing of course.

Az is becoming so fluent in her speech. Today I asked her if she wanted milk and her response was, "Yeah, I do want some." Later while we were eating salad she asked, "Can I have more dinners?" (She adds "s"s to a lot of nouns.) I gave her her some salad and she she then asked, "I have tutu?" "Tutu? You have to wait until you're done eating," was my response, to which she said, "Tutu!" and pointed to where the salad fixings were. Finally catching on I said, "Ohhh. Do you mean dressing?" Az calls all dresses tutus of course.

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