Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I got an e-mail coupon from Shutterfly offering me a free photo book, but it expired three days from the day I received it. I've been wanting to put together an ABC book for Az so I took on the challenge of finding at least twenty six photos of Az's favorite things. "M" was for music, but oddly enough I didn't have a good photo of Az to represent music so I staged this photo. She actually was playing with the record player though, so the photo isn't a total fraud. I just heavily encouraged what toy she played with. Which isn't so different from what really does happen sometimes. I've already received the book, it was totally worth all of the "heavily influenced" photos I rushed around taking for three days.

I have another set of photos that I will include in the book I plan to make of this 366 project but I promised Z I wouldn't post them on the Internet. He and his sister got matching skeleton pajamas, his in black and hers in pink. I made them take photos together in them. (Though I didn't have to twist Az's arm at all.) They came out so very sweet, the sort of pictures with lots of flash and harsh shadows that immediately become items of nostalgia. You'll have to take my word for it.

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