Sunday, October 7, 2012

Waiting for Z's soccer practice to end (though Az calls it "basketball," as she calls all sports involving a ball.) She's made it very clear that she wants to play also. It doesn't help that the other soccer field is used by kids who don't look that much older than her during the time slot. I'm thinking of signing her up for their Little Kickers program, though unfortunately there is no free program for her. I spend enough money on Z's activities though, I guess it's only fair I start finding a way to fund Az's activities as well. But it's difficult because, well, I fund all of Z's activities. If I wait a couple years the outdoor soccer programs are not that bad; I think it was $50 for the whole season when Z tried it, but Az really could use some social interaction. Since she isn't in daycare she isn't getting that time learning to listen to other adults and interact with other children in a semi-structured environment. Little Kickers might be good practice for when we do need to put her in daycare or preschool (something I'm in no rush to do.) Then Z could start paying Az back for all the hours she's had to wait around for his activities.

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