Monday, November 12, 2012

I obviously did the majority of the carving for Az's pumpkin this year but she did help me cut the top off and she told me what shapes to cut out for the face and where. I had thought she would have a blast getting the seeds out but she refused to touch the inside, saying she didn't want to get her hands dirty. Miguel had bought her a small sugar pumpkin, which Az quickly decided was her official pumpkin. She wanted me to carve that one for her but it wasn't hollow. Z worked on his pumpkin slowly and methodically, as is his way, and ran out of time so he had to to finish the next night. We had to postpone the grand lighting of pumpkins ceremony until then, though I did quickly light a candle in Az's pumpkin so she could see. I blew it out just as quickly lest my two-year-old go running off with a flaming squash in her arms.

The most anticipated part of carving pumpkins for me is always roasting the seeds, but we were running low on propane again thanks to the company not being willing to come out until more than a week after I called, so we were avoiding using the oven. I had wanted to wait until Miguel and I could carve our own pumpkins anyhow, but then neither Miguel nor I ended up doing any carving. We didn't even end up leaving the pumpkins lit outside because leaving candles unattended in the woods makes me nervous. Pumpkin carving felt a little off this year, but Z didn't seem to notice and really the pumpkin carving was for him this year. Az wouldn't have known to miss it if we had skipped it.

Who knows, maybe Miguel and I can make Thanksgiving themed pumpkins now. I've never tried carving a pumpkin into a turkey.

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