Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is a common photo these days. I'll see a shot of Az that I want to take and I'll stealthily attempt to take it just as Miguel notices what I'm about to do and goes to brush her hair out of her eyes, thereby giving me a shot very much like this one. I've asked him time and again to leave her bangs alone when he sees me taking a picture, but I guess it's a reflex for him. After the hand in the face shot Az is usually wise to my stealthiness and I have to wait until another time when hopefully Miguel won't notice me taking the picture.

Last night Az and I were watching television when a commercial for Target came on. I had the television on for background noise really, neither of us was really watching, until that commercial came on. As soon as it did Az snapped to attention and announced, "Oh! I need to go to shopping!" It's such responsibility being a parent. I love the bulls-eyed stores, but I'd rather my two-year-old still be blissfully unaware of the siren song of Target.

The next day we went to Target of course. But we hung out in the book aisle for a long time, so I can chalk it up as an educational experience, right?
She was wearing shoes when she was strapped into the cart, but I guess a good book makes her want to get comfortable. And we didn't buy the pillow doll at her feet. I know it's disgraceful, but I often let her carry around toys that we ditch before actually hitting the checkout stand. It creates a much more peaceful trip for everyone involved.

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