Sunday, November 11, 2012

The kids and I met up with my mom again today to go to the Tolay Fall Festival, another tradition we started when Az was around three months old. I had free passes and parking for the festival this year, which was especially nice because the festival doesn't change much at all each year. There is a hay ride to a pumpkin patch where we never buy pumpkins because they're pricey and we don't want to carry around pumpkins the rest of the day, a barn with both some barn-like and not-so-barn-like animals (Az especially liked the tidal pool petting zoo area), a "village" of Miwok teepees, a tent with bees, and some buildings where kids can make corn husk dolls, felt hair for the dolls, and dip candles. The festival has grown weary for us grown ups but it is still an event Z looks forward to every year and Az gets older and more appreciative each year. So we keep going and I'll probably continue going the next couple of years until the kids no longer want to. Like I said, it was free so I really didn't have a good argument not to go. Az got to try her first SnoCone, which luckily turned out to be the really good kind with soft ice and lots of syrup so she had a very nice day. When we first started talking costumes Az listed about eight of them, one of which was a princess, so I figured the festival was a good excuse to let her wear her Snow White costume from the year before. She was very happy to finally be acknowledged as the princess she feels she is. (She also thinks most other girls are princesses too. Except for me; she says I'm Super Man.)

 We took the same shot last year. Z was quite a bit shorter and less shaggy.
 Snow White eating a snow cone.

We learned that Az is a HUGE fan of stamps. I guess it's time to make some potato stamps at home, though mine never really look like the shape I was aiming for.
I kept telling her to stop hugging the animals, that they might not see her as friendly, but how do you tell Snow White to stop loving on forest creatures?
I wish I were better at laying out all of the photos through Blogger to make it all more aesthetically pleasing. The former Yearbook Photography Editor in me cringes through every multi-photo post.

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