Thursday, November 8, 2012


Az at 27 months:
  • She is forming complete and grammatically correct sentences more and more each day, though she has a decidedly ungrammatically correct habit of adding an "s" to the end of certain nouns.
  • Has discovered her love of noodles and "noodle houses," which of course are places where noodles are sold. To be fair, the two places we usually get our noodles actually are called The Noodle Bowl and The Noodle House.
  • I love that I'm finally able to have conversations with her, and that she can fill me in on the events that I might have missed while I was at work. Her memory is fantastic when it comes to remembering things she has done, which also means that she tells me when Daddy does things he hopes to hide from me like bring her to fast food. I'm sure this will only last a short time more though.
  • Today I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Her response was, "It be my birthday!" I'll have to see what I can do.
  • She insists that she is both a boy and a princess.

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