Monday, November 12, 2012

Az had soccer again today, where she was given her jersey. I'm pretty sure she was given the wrong jersey because the other kids on the team all have white jerseys. The kids wearing blue jerseys look much older than her. Oh well, it looks like she'll be sporting the evening gown version of a soccer jersey this season. I hear they're all the rage in Madrid.

Az did okay during today's lesson, though the regular coach was back today and she was pretty intense. Az didn't respond very well to her. Az is still reserved about joining in on some of the activities, and takes a minute to warm up. By the time she does want to join in the coach is moving on to the next thing. There were a couple of times when the coach was literally pushing her along and I had to ask her to remove her hands from Az's back and let her go at her own pace. When it came time for popping bubbles the kids were instructed to stomp them with her feet. Az did a little stomping, but also wanted to pop them with her hands. I let her because whatever, they're bubbles and at least she was participating. The coach, however, barked at her to stop and only use her feet. The coach is a young girl, possibly in her teens, so I'm trying to cut her slack but we're paying good money for the experience. I think it might be time to move Az up to the older class after all.

Here's a bonus shot of Z, just because:

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