Sunday, April 15, 2012

Logistically and economically it made more sense for me to drop off Z at school and M at work and pick both of them up in the afternoon today. When I picked Miguel up we had a few hours to kill until Z's tae kwon do started and some empty bellies so we decided to get something to eat. Miguel suggested Chevy's, or I half-jokingly suggested it and Miguel agreed to it, I can't recall which. Even though the bill for all four of our meals only totaled a little over twenty dollars it still felt like a very decadent thing to do. We very rarely eat out these days, and certainly never without having a special occasion to do it for. Honestly, the food itself really wasn't very good at all but I enjoyed getting to eat out for no good reason at all. It made the day feel like it was a special occasion indeed.

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