Saturday, April 14, 2012

Z had an especially early dentist appointment this morning, which got the two of us out of the house nice and early. The appointment was out earlier than expected so we fetched Miguel and Az and brought them to Bodega Bay. I was hoping to see the tall ships, replicas of the ones that brought the Russians to the area 200 years ago, but tickets were sold out and the ships were too far out on the water to make imposing figures anyhow. The kids had a blast playing in the sand anyhow (though Miguel was disgruntled because he had imagined us roaming on boats and docks, not rolling around in sand so he wasn't dressed for the occasion) and once again Az managed to get sopping wet on a breezy April afternoon. Miguel had to get to work in the late afternoon so our visit was brief, but the kids packed in every ounce of fun they could in to the time.

Here are a couple of bonus photos:

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