Sunday, April 22, 2012


As soon as Az woke up this morning she pulled off her thick sleeper and requested a dress. I was just relieved to finally get to put her in something besides a tutu. Here she is trying to put her brother's flip flops on so she could join me outside. It can get so dark under the redwoods, I've been trying to make sure Az gets out of the house at least twenty minutes every day, even if it's just to wander around our property. There are some weeks when Miguel and I each get our vitamin D from going to and being at work, we forget that Az has been stuck in the dark house that whole time. I know that personally not getting outside and seeing the sunlight can affect my mood, and I won't realize it until I've finally gotten outside and the funk I was in suddenly completely lifts. There's a reason why happy things are associated with drawings of the sun. The added bonus of getting outside with Az for those twenty minutes is that even on the days that I've gone to work and gotten some sunshine without her, I'm being forced to get just that little bit more.

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