Saturday, April 14, 2012

I've decided to incorporate Z into our nightly reading of stories since I was having so much difficulty fitting in story time with each of the kids separately. This means Z and I don't get as much time to read the more mature books we were reading together, but we're trading it for more opportunity for Z to read to Az and for the three of us to snuggle up. Since Z has been reading chapter books independently since he was four years old it's been a long time since he's seen most of his old books that were deemed "babyish" long ago, so it's been fun getting him reaquainted with some of his old library. I'm finding that a lot of the books have morals and messages I'm glad to retouch on with him. And by the way, while Z was reading Az this book, which happens to be from when I was a kid, Az suddenly sat up and said, "I see a girl!" The next night while at the store she would pulled another sentence seemingly out of nowhere: "I have a doll!" Since then she's been peppering conversation with actual sentences. It's so much fun getting more of a peek into what interests her (girls and dolls mostly of course.)

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