Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today was Easter. We spent the beginning part of it tearing through Easter baskets and hunting for eggs indoors and in the afternoon we headed to my uncle Miguel's. Last year Az did amazingly well at the egg hunt, considering the fact that she couldn't even walk yet. Once we showed her the eggs held yogurt drops, something she rarely got, she crawled and climbed all over the living room to find every last one. I anticipated this year being even better, but of course my little girl had to prove Mom wrong. She quickly picked up and opened the first egg, but couldn't be bothered with the rest. She was excited by the Easter baskets, though of course Z's and Daddy's were much more interesting than her own. (Theirs did contain candy after all.) I had placed the Ariel version of the plastic dolls she loves so much in her basket and she snatched that up immediately but the other things didn't interest her as much as what was in her brother's basket. I thought surely the Caillou book would get more attention.

I failed to get any cute pictures of the kids together in their Easter best so the picture below will have to suffice. It was a chilly Easter Sunday and Az kept her coat on all day, so I was glad I had opted to not buy her a new dress for the occasion. She wore the dress she had worn to my friends' wedding last June and no surprise, it fit remarkably the same as it did back then. Our baby is growing in other ways though. On Easter morning Miguel and Az were dancing in the kitchen. My kitchen has become a discotheque these days. Miguel instructed Az to "Dance baby," to which Az replied, "I no baby!" Miguel told her that she was indeed a baby, but Az just laughed and said, "Noooo..." Az will always be our baby, but these freaking sentences she's pulling out of nowhere are making that fantasy harder and harder every day.


  1. The bunny ear headband! Yes! I'm glad you all had a good Easter. Az looked precious in that coat!!


  2. Thank you Violet. :) You are my very first commenter whom did not also give birth to me. Now that I know there might be people actually checking in here I feel pressured to figure out what the heck I'm doing!