Saturday, April 14, 2012

We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at a neighboring town. It was my first time going to a public egg hunt with the kids. I volunteered at one in high school but for some reason had never taken Z to one. For some reason they decided to have the big kids' hunt at the exact same time as the toddler hunt so I wasn't able to watch both of the kids on their quests for eggs. I went with Z, since there was some potential for disaster there, and Miguel went with Az. Both of the kids seemed to do well with their haul, Az and Miguel came back with a basket full of plastic eggs; Miguel reported that some of the toddlers didn't get any eggs at all. This might have been an opportune time to teach Az about sharing, but one of the good things about sending Az off with her dad is that occasionally I escape having to do the right thing. After the hunt there was an egg drop off of the bridge that spans the river. Z and his mental encyclopedia of engineering will have to enter next year, but this year it was fun to watch. By then Az was ready to go home so after a nap (by both her and me) we painted eggs and I shuffled the kids off to bed. Az seemed more interested in dying eggs last year, this year she was more interested in dying her fingers.

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