Sunday, April 15, 2012

While the four of us were sitting outside today I looked out the big front windows and realized what a nice, sunshiny April morning it was. So I dragged everyone outside on a mission to plant some seeds. Z was given maybe fifteen types of seeds from his dad for Christmas and then for Easter his grandma gave him more packets of vegetables plus seed starter, so it seemed like it was time to get out and plant some of them. We planted some of the live forever Z's dad had given him; all of the seeds from him came in brown paper bags with very little information, often not even the name of the plant the seeds will eventually become, so it's taken some research and guessing to plan everything out. For the time being it seems like we'll only be able to plant the live forever because the few things I have recognized, such as the oak tree and Chinese redwood, leave a bit more of a footprint than I'm prepared for at the moment. The smallest thing Z's dad mailed to him grows to a ten-foot tall plant.

My mom had given Z a few vegetable seeds, in packets that actually had information on them. I was hoping to get some of those planted but our area of very little sun is going to require a special type of garden. I would love to plant a vegetable garden this summer, and actually I think I just might, but I also have to figure out how to contend with the raccoons that run rampant through these parts at night. I already have too much hostility towards them and their garbage can tipping ways to grow veggies for them. I suppose I'll have to cover everything with chicken wire, but that seems to me to be not much of an upgrade when it comes to trying to make an attractive area to spend time.

Since moving in to the house I've definitely neglected the outside. There wasn't much of a garden to speak of by the time my dad passed but I haven't even been keeping up with the few things he was able to maintain while sick. This weekend I started cleaning things up and at least reclaiming the house from all of the ivy. Hoping for a garden by the end of summer might be a little too high of a goal this year, but I think that between the three of us we can at least uncover the pathways and plants that are hiding under all of the weeds. I don't think Az is going to be of much help yet this summer though, whenever I filled up her watering can she turned it over and dumped out all of the water on the cement. And then demanded more water.

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