Sunday, April 15, 2012

Az's first time playing with PlayDoh. I'd put four containers of PlayDoh into Az's Easter basket. She liked them without even knowing what they were, so I figured I should show her just how cool the contents are. The PlayDoh was a hit, and held her complete attention for about twenty minutes, but it was Z that got the most use out of it. Az and I eventually went out front, and then inside, leaving Z to create on his own. The most exciting part of Az's PlayDoh adventures for me was realizing that she knows some of her colors. While playing she held up a blue monster and told Z, "blue." Z exclaimed that Az knew the color blue but I brushed it off to coincidence. Z then tested Az with some yellow PlayDoh, asking her what color he was holding. She promptly replied, "Lello." A few minutes later she brought the orange container of dough to me to open, with the request, "Ohhnge." I think she might have picked up on some of color talk while we were dying eggs (we had twelve different colors, which was at least eight too many.) I guess I should start actually working on teaching her colors now.

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