Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'd gotten a little behind on uploading photos and when I went to edit a photo for April 4 there wasn't one. I have no idea what happened, I wasn't aware of having missed a photo so I don't know if I just got so busy that day that I forgot to take a photo for the day or if it got deleted somehow, but in any case there was nothing from the day to upload. I don't like bringing my camera to work with me, I don't feel safe leaving it in the classroom or the car, so I'm often left to take a photo either with my phone while we're out and about since Miguel often meets me in SR with the kids or else I'm left to take a quick picture or two with my camera once we get home. Neither option has been leaving me with the best photos. Here is one from April 1; Az playing in her brother's messy room while wearing her gnome hat.

Edited to say:
Well, I found the picture I took on April 4. I took it with my phone while we were waiting for Miguel to get his oil changed. I like the one I posted above more though, so I'm going to go ahead and take the liberty of posting both.

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