Sunday, January 29, 2012

Puppet Master


Z and one of his creations. Unfortunately I failed to capture all of the fine details that Z put so much time into, but this is very simple as far as his usual creations go. (One of his larger installation pieces can be seen in the lower left-hand corner of the photo.) Since preschool Z has filled the house with his art. In his mind there is no such thing as garbage because everything can be used for creating something else. And I do mean everything. I often am driven a little nuts by the fact that I can't throw anything away ever (because of course once he has made an art piece it is very special to him and must be kept for eternity) but I already know that I'm really going to miss seeing piles of his creations in every corner should he ever decide to throw them by the wayside for another hobby. My goal is to raise a child who turns into an adult able to see the beauty in every empty cereal box and shampoo bottle. Because by then he should have his own home to keep them in.

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  1. I tend to want to save everything because you can make things out of it too. He gets a little of that from me, but he is much more into it than I am.