Thursday, January 26, 2012

Go Away


As good of friends as Az and Z are quickly becoming, he isn't always able to tell when Az would rather have some space. It's something Z is working on with everyone so of course his relationship with Az is no exception. He does seem more motivated to try to understand what Az wants, but I'm happy that when he isn't reading his sister properly she has found a way to tell him herself. Never one to beat around the bush, Az has learned to say, "Go away!" very distinctly and clearly. She reserves it for only her brother, and only pulls the words out when she is truly irritated (usually in the close quarters of the car,) but she apparently considers the words important enough to have learned to pronounce them with perfection so there is no chance of misunderstanding. Unlike her other phrases, I'm not sure where she learned this one. I would like to think it's not something we say often in our house.

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