Sunday, January 22, 2012

Az, the Nineteen Month Old


Taking Az's 19 month picture in the rain, very quickly.

Az at nineteen months: This promises to be a fun month. Az is just learning to really express herself verbally. She still only knows a handful of words and phrases, but she manages to get almost all of her needs met with them. When she needs me to do something she tells me, "Go go!" and takes my hand or pushes on my legs. If my hands happen to be full at the time she takes whatever is in my hand and carefully places it on the ground. Most encounters are capped with a, "There you go!" from Az. I never realized how often I used this phrase until I had someone parroting me around the house.

My girl loves shoes above all else. My goodness that girl loves shoes. Last summer she refused to even wear shoes, until one day she realized shoes meant going "bye bye." Now all she wants to do is try on shoes, and look at pictures of shoes, and touch other people's shoes. Z was never like this about shoes. Is it a girl thing?

Another love of Az's is music and dancing. Yesterday while I was putting away clothing she spotted a sparkly pink frou frou bikini Aunt Lulu gifted her last summer. She was immediately drawn to it and put it on. The girl loves playing dress up so this was all par for the course, but the moment she had the bikini top pulled up to her knees she requested demanded both of my hands and started singing while we danced and swayed back and forth. I'm not sure where she even saw this sort of dancing, or how she knew it's what one does when they are sporting sparkly frou frou things. It's amazing the things kids notice when you're busy living life.

As girly as my Az is, she's also tough and gruff. She shakes off a fall, and then climbs right back on (often much to my chagrin.) Az likes dirt and rough housing, and has no problem with expressing when she is unhappy with a situation. She's bossy, bossier than I remember Z being (which is a bit worrisome since he definitely owns a couple pairs of bossy pants.)

On the other hand, she is full of kisses for Migs, Z, and me. Often the kiss is a preamble to her asking for something she wants, but my days are filled with kisses given purely for the joy of a kiss. My baby who did not like to be swaddled or cuddled has turned into a toddler who loves nothing more than cozying and cuddling up. As she runs by one of her baby dolls she almost always stops to plant a kiss on it before tossing it aside to continue on with her adventures.

Other things Az the nineteen month old loves: yogurt, crackers, broccoli, meat and pasta, water, brushing her teeth, wearing Mom and Dad's clothing on her head as she runs around the house, going on walks, climbing on top of anything that even might sort of be climbable, nursing and snuggling with mom.

Things Az the nineteen month old could do without: sleeping in her crib on her own, relying on Mom and Dad to feed her or help her drink, wearing pants.

I can't wait to watch what this month brings us in the life of Az!

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  1. It's so funny that she loves girly-girl stuff (since M didn't want her to be a girly-girl). See, I told you, never say never. It's so sweet that she likes hugs & kisses (& kisses her dolls). I like that she wanted to dance with you.