Monday, January 30, 2012

Minnie Me


I finally got my car worked on, and even fixed, today. The guy even made a house-call and fixed her up in my driveway. I literally walked into the house, relieved to have that worry off my shoulders, only to smell gas. After a quick soap test it was confirmed, we had a gas leak. And in the process of that discovery I realized we were about to run out of propane anyhow. After a few calls around it was confirmed that neither the gas nor propane company would come out to the house to help with the leak, the plumber I randomly chose out of the phone book charged quite a bit for his time, and the propane company won't refill the tank unless I agree to have them fill it quite a bit, an expense I just can't afford at this time. I've always been rather fond of January, but I must admit that I'm glad to see this one go. I'm hoping February is kinder to me.

Az and I almost made it out the house today. I was walking back inside to get her fresh clothing so we could go pick up Z from school when I was sidetracked by the noxious fumes. Thanks to the leak (which Migs seems to have been able to fix on his own) we were on another day of house arrest and trying to entertain ourselves.

Az's two dance floors in the house are the kitchen and the coffee table. After I had stripped her down to put on her pajamas in preparation for bed she insisted that I put her dirty clothes on this stuffed Minnie. The skirt kept falling off but Az was persistent in her desire for me to put it right back on. In the few seconds that Minnie was wearing the skirt Az would hold her to her chest and dance her around. Which of course only made the skirt fall off sooner.

It brings me joy to see Az playing with this Minnie though. My dad bought it for me, along with Minnie's puppet beau, during our first trip to Disneyland. I happened to be wearing a matched Hawaiian shirt and shorts on that trip, which most likely influenced me to choose the Hawaiian-clad Mickey and Minnie. I don't know that either of them really got played with very often during my childhood but they both remained reminders of a happy time for me and so when I parsed my stuffed animals down later in life they both made the cut. It makes me happy now to see my daughter enjoying something that was given to me during such a happy moment in my life.

And on that note, I'm eager to get the propane situation figured out so that maybe my children might one day regard this time right now as a happy moment from their childhood, rather than just a cold one.

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  1. January was such a horrible month. Hopefully February will be better. So far, so good.