Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Do Sit In the Road


Yesterday when we went to pick up Z from school the van wouldn't start. I've determined it's not gas or the battery but that's about all I know. Oh, and I can tell it's not a flat tire. That about exhausts my car knowledge. It was nice having a dad who knew so much about cars, and who always swooped in to take care of mine, but it's left me not knowing much on my own. When the car wouldn't start I called up Migs, who luckily hadn't started work yet. He was able to pick up Z from school and then pick up Az and me to bring me to one of the district offices, then bring us back home and head to work. It's lucky it worked out, living in the country is tough without a car, especially when one of your kids has been having difficulty with his usual mode of transportation.

While Az and I waited for Migs and Z to pick us up we enjoyed spending some time outside after spending the weekend hiding inside from the rain. Az got a mischievous look before sitting down in the road and doing an interpretive dance. Her goal when outside seems to be to find her way into the road. We're the second to last house up the hill so there isn't any through traffic but the house across the street from us has cars constantly coming and going. People whip up the hill, it made me nervous even before I had a toddler who was fascinated with the street. I'm trying to not make the road seem too forbidden because if Az is anything like her mother that will only make her more interested in it. It obviously doesn't seem to be working so far.

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  1. Since I couldn't comment until now, I'm so glad that all that Van stuff is over. Hopefully no more problems. This is a cute picture. It's so Wintry-Fall looking.