Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pearly whites


Ever since Az was old enough to have obvious preferences, toothbrushes have been her very favorite thing. Any toothbrush has the potential to capture her heart, but ever since I put this Hello Kitty battery operated toothbrush in her Christmas stocking she has been over the moon for it. She very rarely wants it turned on, and in fact seems to prefer that it be off. When we’re home she prefers that the brush be in her hands at all times, and ideally she is sitting on the toilet at the same time. This morning the moment she climbed out of bed she walked immediately to the closed bathroom door and indicated that she wanted her beloved toothbrush. As soon as I handed it to her she backed up to the toilet, as is the routine, and said, “Down,” as in sit down. This is my cue to plop her onto the toilet, where she sits for as long as I’ll let her. It doesn’t seem sanitary to allow her to walk around the house carrying it, and I can only find so many excuses to hang out in the bathroom so I find myself spending most of the day trying to distract her from the toothbrush. She’s very focused, that girl.

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