Thursday, June 28, 2012

A picture of Z from the photo shoot I won online. I was fortunate that this didn't happen to be one of the days he didn't want his photo taken. Before we met up with the photographer I discussed how important it was that he let him take photos, and how this was a rare opportunity, and luckily he went into the experience in a good mood. The photographer told us to just go about things as we would normally so Z got to work on one of his sand creations and having a good time. By the time the photographer was ready to move on to another activity Z was in playing at the beach mode rather than doing things in front of the camera mode, and that mode did not include trying to hang out in the vicinity of his sister to get photos together. That mode mostly involved running and jumping, an eleven-year-old's idea of what would make good photos. They may not be the photos I would have originally envisioned but it will be nice years down the line to have photos of Z in his natural environment.

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