Monday, June 18, 2012


It was a day of running around taking care of errands and not taking photos. I left my DSLR at home and pocketed my old point and shoot Lumix for my night at the Exploratorium's After Dark. The kids stayed with my mom, and it seems this time Az did much better being away from Miguel and me. I think having Z with her when we leave her really does make all the difference. By the time I got to my mom's it was a couple hours later than I had intended so we didn't end up leaving Az for very long. I suppose that could have helped the night go smoothly as well.

Miguel, my brother, and I went to the Exploratorium to celebrate a friend's birthday but all of my friends ended up going to a talk on Titan that took almost a couple hours. The boys and I opted to sit that one out (or not sit, as the case may be) and I didn't end up seeing much of my friends or the birthday girl after all. I had taken a different bridge than I had originally intended into San Francisco, which brought us semi-close by a friend whom was looking for a ride so at least I did get to visit with her during the extended trafficky ride. The Exploratorium was still a lot of fun, I have a deep love for the Exploratorium and have always had a fantasy of getting to play with the exhibits after the crowds (and kids) have gone home, long before I knew adult-only nights existed there. It would have been fun to hang out more with my friends since I very rarely have nights out with them, but there are certainly worse people I could have spent the night with than my boyfriend and brother. I guess this just means I'll have to find another excuse to gather everyone for a night at the Exploratorium.

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