Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today was Z's first day of extended school year, or what used to be called "summer school" in ye olden days. I haven't opted to put Z into the extended school year the past few years because I think it's important for him to have some time off from all of the stress. I still feel that way but, this school doesn't feel like as much of a cause of stress, and besides they're working on making Lego robots and a music video for the song they wrote in class. Sitting in your jammies and vegging out is nice, but it can't compare with freaking Lego robots.

After Z got out of school we ran errands and then met up with a couple of friends at Sunset Beach for sandwiches by the river. We found a nice little shallow spot where Az could splash about and Z could create a city out of pebbles and rocks until, well, sunset when the beach closes. I hope it was the first of many such river picnics this summer.

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