Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today was one of those days where every time we were invited to anything I said, "Let me guess, is it on June 2nd?" Before I completely lost count, between Z and me we invited to over fifteen events for the day. We managed to make it to three of them because of course everything was scattered all around Northern California. Some of the events I didn't mind missing, like the invite directed at Z to go to an under 18 club with a former classmate of his. I'm just not ready for that, not even close.

In the morning we headed down to Gilroy for Miguel's mom's 60th birthday party at a local park. After that it was on to San Mateo for my cousin's 18th birthday slash high school graduation party. As that was winding down we headed over to Oakland for a friend's art show. The show was held in an abandoned auto shop and made a huge point to be kid-friendly. There was a food truck parked inside, though the kids and I passed since we had filled up at the previous two parties. There was also a large supply of chalk, which Z used to draw a giant maze across the entire floor of the garage and Az used to try to eat. It was a pretty long day for the kids, we left the house in the morning and didn't get home until around midnight, but both of them held out pretty well. At the 18th birthday/graduation party Az spent some time clinging to me and refusing to be held by anyone else but eventually the other two little girls there, two of my cousins' daughters, whom were not much older than her seduced her into exploring.

The above photo was taken shortly before we called it a night at the art show. Az was pretty ready to be strapped into her car seat by this point and call it a night. I was glad to have gotten through the day so smoothly, but it would have been awfully nice if just one of the events had been scheduled for the next day. We of course had zero plans for the next day.

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