Sunday, June 17, 2012


Az has shown a lot of interest in the big toilet so I decided it was time to go ahead and get her a potty of her own. She has shown a lot of interest in her new potty, and constantly asks to sit on it, but she wants to sit on it with her diaper still on. I've been dreading the potty training phase. Potty training was a long, loooong struggle with Z. I don't know if I got too excited and started too early with him, or if it has to do with some of his diagnoses, but it was not a quick and easy process with him. I'm very eager to get Az out of diapers, my wallet is ready to throw a party when that day comes, but I'm just not looking forward to the journey one little bit. I decided to get Az the princess potty that plays music, because she's Az after all, my music loving little princess, but she immediately realized that she could get the thing to play music if she stood up and sat down quickly. In fact, every little thing seems to set the music off on that thing. Half the time I think she's gone to the bathroom because the music starts playing, only to find a completely dry bowl when she stands up. I'm really not even sure she gets what she's supposed to be accomplishing on there. I think my only plan of action for the moment is to not force the potty on her. She's not yet two, so I have some time until I really start feeling the pressure. It sure would be awfully nice to just wake up and find out that she was out of diapers though...

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